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【太粗不行坐不下去】Half drink, half pour, half wine and teahuman intelligence must be facilitated by adversity. --The count of Mount gidou

just as two identical figures overlap and merge into one. --Reminiscence of the past

Part I:This paper analyzes on the basic qualities that must be possessed by the translators of English literature Part 2:Apart from the two basic points of emotion and style that need to be grasped as a whole in Translation
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Much can be done. To begin with the schools and the mass media should develop,guide and cultivate noble and worthy values

tested yet. You should live according to children's ideas. --Childhood……

and people from making such misdeeds. What’s more, people should get ready to pass criticism upon such misdeeds anytime

the goals, policies and methodsof Iran..s dealing with the “Islamic State” in these two countries……

Once, my mother brought back some bananas with black spots. They were soft and ugly

The paper argues that the strategiesemployed by the two generations of governors of Amurru recorded in……

The form of the target language reflects the author's main

Life is also very short, a blink of an eye passed……

First of all, we must constantly strengthen our literary appreciation ability

many aspects and needed to be observed from anhistorical perspective.……

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