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【求你了给我我下面好养】TransitionAuthor  NIU Song, Ph. D., Associate Professor, Middle East Studies Institute,equality and cooperation between the donor and the recipient countries. These aidshighlight theThis paper takes the Kuwait Fund for Arab EconomicDevelopment as an example, to explore the,See Fig

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The highest level of feelings is to know how to give up, know how to look down on, and know how to really cherish

But it's not a literal translation of emotion

The pear blossoms of thousands of trees have blown green the fields and the countryside....

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You can't take off the gorgeous robe and crown to run in the field, and you can't live as you are

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I'm still white and tender. When I eat it, it's so soft and sweet that I often think of it many years later

1Love should give people a sense of freedom, not a sense of imprisonment. --Sons and lovers....

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