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【重考生漫画免费无删】It has the shortest and perfect lifeBut I think living in the small town is the better choice.When Yu Chan looked back, a small piece of weak light fell on her forehead and eyebrowsApril, I walk through your tenderness,See Fig

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To improve the translation quality of literary works is to strengthen international cultural exchange

2Knowing your own ignorance is the most reliable way to know the world. --Essays

because it may endow them with more competence, chances, self-confidence to overcome difficulties and handle problems.Those people

Anyone can make a mistake. The more you think about something,....

our utmost to maintain its vitality to ensure ourselves a brighter future.

leave me, just as I can't leave you now. Although God has not done so, we are still equal in spirit. --Jane Eyre....

It is the translator's re creation based on his understanding of English works

Once reincarnation rings, your way becomes empty....

In this way, the author can accurately interpret the emotion he wants to express in the target language


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