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【一个女记者和两只藏獒】TransitionAuthor  NIU Song, Ph. D., Associate Professor, Middle East Studies Institute,Arabia..s moving towards the post.Petroleum Economic Era. It is worth noting that pilgrimage

46 Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development..s Aid to African CountriesWho is the third generation of depression

Part I:Then we can grasp the overall style characteristics Part 2:To conclude, we should not yield to mediocrity regardless of seemingly
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So when the translator works

When the wind in spring sways the wind bell in April, the peach blossom has been stolen by time. Those beautiful and confused March, in the graceful willows, has become a green ocean……

At present, there are many kinds of English literary works and writers in China

In countering the “Islamic State”, Iran supports governmental and non.governmental groups to fight……

Only by doing so can we effectively protect our natural resources. Also I am convinced that we humans can overcome

orientation ofSaudi Arabia also played a significant role for the origin and formation of……

548 American literary works

Listen, the courtyard is very busy. The red candle shakes the tears and the Bi people marry the mandarin ducks……

This paper analyzes on the basic qualities that must be possessed by the translators of English literature

Under the gate of the city, the poem sung by the white horse Youth, the distant place in the dream, and the wish lit by a river lamp in the starlight……

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