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Part I:The banana with spots is delicious and the life with defects is real. Part 2:appear to possess a special charm,bringing to others hope, passion and surprise,and,thus winning others’favor and trust.It can
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Further research on the ideological and artistic characteristics of writers

international social responsibility undertaken by the developing countries, and also bring ahuge……

The style of writing and works is also the embodiment of the writer's unique literary thoughts

Once upon a time in Jiangnan……

The influence of cultural differences on English literature translation is very serious

Under the gate of the city, the poem sung by the white horse Youth, the distant place in the dream, and the wish lit by a river lamp in the starlight……

As is shown in the picture(graph cartoon table),it goes without saying that the drawing aims at revealing a common problem(in China)ts

46 Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development..s Aid to African Countries……

So when the translator works

human intelligence must be facilitated by adversity. --The count of Mount gidou……

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