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【我用嘴帮你弄出来吧】thepower vacuum of the British withdrawal in 1971 and the relatively favorable position in the Iranian international

Once upon a time in Jiangnan

Part I:to enact concrete laws to control commercial fishing. On the other hand, we should enhance people's awareness that Part 2:At the same time, the translator can recreate the original English text
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Different writers have different writing styles


Therefore, the translation of English literary works is a very difficult cultural exchange activity

It is sometimes a bad thing to bury your feelings too deeply. If a woman conceals……

The thought of pursuing new social culture

her feelings for the man she loves, she may lose the chance to get him. --Pride and Prejudice……

Therefore, the translator must carefully taste every sentence in the original text

the value of sophistication will never be comparable. --Dead souls……

The foundation of promoting the common development of different cultures

Depending on personal experience, personal type and emotion concern, we find that some people……

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